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Pharmaceutical Development Services by Pro PG Pharma

Comprehensive Solutions for Bioequivalence Testing and Comparator Product Supply

Pro PG Pharma, in collaboration with Pro Pharmaceuticals Group, offers a unique combined package to generic manufacturing companies. We specialize in providing comprehensive Pharmaceutical Development Services, including Bioequivalence (BE) testing, as well as the supply of Comparator products essential for conducting these studies.

Our expertise in BE testing, coupled with our position as a trusted wholesaler, allows us to seamlessly integrate both aspects into a cohesive solution for our clients. By choosing our combined offer, generic manufacturing companies can benefit from streamlined services and a single point of contact for their pharmaceutical development needs.

In addition to our project management services for BE testing, we ensure a reliable and efficient supply of Comparator products required for these studies. As a wholesaler, Pro Pharmaceuticals Group has the capability to source and provide the necessary Comparator products, eliminating the hassle of coordinating with multiple suppliers. This integrated approach saves time, reduces complexities, and ensures seamless continuity throughout the entire BE testing process.


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