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1300 077 674 (1300 0 PRO PG)

FAX: (03) 86790397

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Licensed Storage and Distribution: 4 International Square, Tullamarine 3043, Victoria

Controlled Drugs Licensed Storage and Distribution: Available on request.

Postal Address: P.O Box 1016, North Hampton, 3188, VIC, Australia.

Adverse Drug Events:

Drugs and Poisons Licence: 24210526 and 22210672

ABN: 20605457430  |   VAT: NL825524295B01   |   VAT: PL5263362401 VAT: DE11666717204 

Account Opening Form for Hospitals, Retail Pharmacy, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, CRO/CMO/CDMO

Pro Pharmaceuticals Group operates as a reputable Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, catering primarily to pharmacies and healthcare professionals. Members of the public seeking our products or services are advised to consult their local pharmacies or healthcare providers who can facilitate communication with us. If needed, we can provide recommendations for pharmacies that already have established accounts with us. Our aim is to ensure seamless access to our range of pharmaceutical offerings for the benefit of patients and the healthcare community.

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