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We Are Specialists in Unlicensed Medicine

In situations where patients face the scarcity of approved treatments, Pro Pharmaceuticals Group stands at the forefront, providing critical access to unlicensed medicines. We specialize in closing the gap for those in Australia whose needs go unmet by standard offerings, ensuring they receive the essential treatments they require.

Access to Unlicensed Medicines

Navigating the complex world of medicine access, Pro Pharmaceuticals Group is your trusted partner. We specialize in sourcing and supplying unlicensed medicines for patients in Australia, ensuring that even when certain medications don’t have local marketing approval, those in need can still get them through legal and ethical channels. Our Managed Access Program (MAP) works within Australian regulations to provide necessary medications during critical stages, including clinical trials and in response to medicine shortages.

Why Some Medications Aren’t Available Locally

A medication’s availability can be influenced by various factors, such as:

  • Ongoing Clinical Trials: Some medications are still in the approval process.

  • Regulatory Approvals: Not all medications are approved for use in every region.

  • Global Approvals: A drug might be approved elsewhere but not yet in Australia.

  • Supply Fluctuations: Market shortages can affect drug availability.

ProPG Supply Chain for Unlicensed Medicines

Unlicensed Medicines (UL) Managed Access Programs(MAP)

For Healthcare Providers


  • 24/7 Support: Immediate assistance whenever you need it.

  • Broad Selection: Access to a wide array of medicines from our expansive global network.

  • Trusted Source: Rely on a 100% Australian-owned company, committed to social responsibility.

Our Suppliers


  • Trusted Partnerships: We forge direct relationships with manufacturers based on strict quality standards.

  • Exclusive Access: Securing exclusive supply agreements to ensure a consistent medicine supply.

  • Global Excellence: Collaborating with validated, GDP-compliant licensed global wholesalers.

Collaborate With Us


  • Custom Solutions: Tailored assistance to healthcare professionals for unresolved medical needs.

  • In-depth Support: Comprehensive product information, streamlined logistics, and assistance with TGA compliance.

  • Direct Delivery: We manage importation and directly supply hospitals, simplifying access through approved channels.

Become a Partner in Progress

Take part in advancing healthcare delivery with Pro PG.

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