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Managed Access Programs Pharmaceuticals Australia

If this was written in the USA or European Markets then the title would only be Early Access Program as those markets would be targeted by any Pharmaceutical Company! However many companies may not plan Australia in their global plan or plan Australia at a later stage in their product life cycle.

The Australian market is around 25 million population with high global health standards, products in public hospitals are paid for by the hospital budgets and clinical needs of patients in Australia (in out public hospitals) are met irrespective of the patients socioeconomic status.

Early Access Programs (EAP) work for products prior to their launch into a market and allow access to the medicine prior to its launch as a registered product. This allows the patients to access the medicine early and provide a pathway prior to the registration / marketing of the product. Doctors can gain familiarity with product treatment and importantly patients can receive the treatment while the product registration is processed. Important information can be gathered by the Sponsor in this period if they set up a formalised distribution process.

Pro Pharmaceuticals Group can act as the Sponsor of a product and import it to Australia under the Special Access Scheme (SAS) and distribute this to the hospital allowing for the patient to receive treatment. We can gather information and provide this to the sponsor where we act as your distributer in Australia.

Please contact Pro Pharmaceuticals Group to discuss your needs with us. Pro Pharmaceuticals Group is a Privately owned company which has supplied Australian hospitals since 2015.

Managed Access Programs Pharmaceuticals Australia

Managed Access Programs Pharmaceuticals Australia
Managed Access Programs Pharmaceuticals Australia


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