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Pro PG successful visit to Expo Pharm 2022!

Sandip Manku and Lukasz Nowaczek were once again reunited after 3 years post Covid! The Pro Pharm team was together in Munich at the Expo Pharm event in Germany, it was a great experience to reconnect in person with our Suppliers, Customers and also meet new Companies and Contacts.

Face to face meetings can never be underestimated and as someone said at the conference at one of our dinners "its all about the people".

Many of our Suppliers have supplied critical Covid medicines to Australia through the Pandemic period and their service and supply provided essential medicines to Australia. Thanking them for this in person I really liked doing.

Equally important was meeting Customers who we have also supplied RLD and Comparator products to from around the Globe and also Medicines we have also supplied to.

Meeting together with Lukasz also after 3 years with Lukasz coming from Poland and my travel from Melbourne Australia brought us together and we look forward to meeting again at CPhI in November 2022.

Expo Pharm put on an amazing event in Munich and brought us all together and I was glad to have been a part of this important event to represent Pro Pharm with Lukasz. This photo was taken at the opening morning of the event and I can see it captured the excitement we brought with us.


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