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Ozempic Shortage Australia S19A

Dear Healthcare Professional,

Shortage of OZEMPIC 1 mg semaglutide (rys) 1.34 mg/mL solution for injection pre-filled pen

The Australian registered medicine, OZEMPIC 1 mg semaglutide (rys) 1.34 mg/mL solution for injection pre-filled pen AUST R: 315107 Active ingredients: Semaglutide Sponsor: Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd is currently in shortage. Ozempic Shortage Australia S19A

Pro Pharmaceuticals Group has arranged for the supply of an alternative product, Ozempic 1 mg solution for injection pre-filled pen (Croatia). This product is NOT registered in Australia and supply is authorised under an exemption granted by the Therapeutic

Goods Administration (TGA) under section 19A of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 until 31st January 2024

Pre-Orders only at this stage and domestic delivery rates may apply

Registered Pro Pharm Member Pharmacies can Log into our website and visit Pharmacy Online Ordering to see Product Details including Pricing, Availability and also do any Pre-Orders.

Not a Registered Pro Pharm Member? Then Register Today by visiting our website and going to Pharmacy Online Ordering.

Please note Pro Pharmaceuticals Group is a Wholesaler and not a Pharmacy and can not supply to members of the Public, if you are a member of the Public please visit your Pharmacy to discuss.

Ozempic Shortage Australia S19A
Ozempic Shortage Australia S19A


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