Solving Unmet Medical Needs
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Unlicensed Medicines, Shortages
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Unlicensed Medicine and Shortages

We solve the unmet medical need through global search and sourcing - working directly with Manufacturers, Sponsors or Qualified Licensed Wholesalers.


Pro PG supports unmet medical needs for medicines not registered in Australia (or other regions) and we bridge supply gaps addressing market shortages through the S19A or Special Access Scheme (SAS) pathways. Pro PG imports, acts as Sponsor and directly supplies the hospital or institution. 

Reference Listed Drugs (RLD's)

One source for all samples worldwide. Single and multiple batch drugs to end pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations.


Pro Pharmaceuticals Group holds wholesaler licences from the Victorian Department of Health including Controlled Drugs.


Wholesaler Storage Sites in Australia and EU GMP Manufacturing site in Poland    


Licensed Wholesaler Storage site in Tullamarine Melbourne, temperature and humidity controlled facilities, ISO 9000 standards and GDP

Licensed Wholesaler Storage site in Cheltenham Melbourne, GDP

Licensed EU GMP Manufacturing site in Warsaw Poland, EU GMP repacking, QP release and distribution of Clinical Trial supplies into Europe or other global regions as well as secondary labelling requirements (under GMP) for supply to Australia where required

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Our Unlicensed Medicine customer base

We wholesaler directly with Australian Hospitals, target retail pharmacies and Australian registered compounders e.g. Baxter and Slade Groups. We also supply to NZ Hospitals through Onelink NZ which is owned by EBOS Group.