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ProPG Transforming Lives

Accelerating Access, Transforming Lives Worldwide

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  • Access to Unlicensed Medications

  • Supplying for Market Shortages 

  • Supplying RLDs (Reference Listed Drugs) and Comparator Sourcing with Logistics

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Unlicenced Medicine Supply

At Pro Pharmaceuticals Group, we specialise in addressing unmet medical needs on a global scale, ensuring access to essential medications for those who need it most.


Supplying Medicines for Shortages.

At Pro Pharmaceuticals Group, we are dedicated to bridging supply gaps and alleviating market shortages through the utilisation of the S19A or Special Access Scheme (SAS) pathways. Our commitment is to ensure a steady and reliable supply of essential medications.

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Comparator and RLD Supplies.

At Pro Pharmaceuticals Group, our dedication lies in providing comprehensive solutions for global sample sourcing, tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. Your research commitment is our own.

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Pharmaceutical Development Services

Related Services

Predicting Medicine Shortages using AI

Pharmaceutical Development Services: Your comprehensive solution for generic manufacturing, in partnership with our CRO for Bioequivalence studies.

Predicting drug shortages with precision, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence.

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Pharmaceutical Logistics Services based in Poland

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