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BENPEN benzylpenicillin (as sodium) 3 g and 1.2 g powder for injection vial – extension to 1st Sept

Pro Pharmaceuticals Group (ProPG) advises that due to a shortage of Australian registered BENPEN benzylpenicillin (as sodium) 3g and 1.2g powder for injection vial, AUST R: 10326. ProPG has arranged for an alternative product Benzylpenicillin sodium 1200 mg powder for injection (Genus Pharmaceuticals). The S19A product is registered and marketed in the UK and the supply is authorized under an exemption granted by the TGA under Section 19A of the Therapeutic Goods Act, 1989 until 1st September 2022.

Please note the S19A is for the 1.2G (1200mg) Strength product **

(This is an extension date from previous)


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