Pro Pharmaceuticals Group - Gap

Australian hospital pharmacists have mentioned a consistent demand for key medicines that are high priced , resulting from low competition. Generic companies are often focused on molecules coming "off patent" rather than focusing on these specific products - creating a "gap" in the market which we have identified. 


Doctors have mentioned key medicines that can be presented in more "usable" and "safer" forms. The current forms either need reformulating or diluting (increasing potential drug errors and time wasting) or lead to wastage of the product.


Orphan Drugs which are available overseas, may not be available in Australia for doctors to prescribe to their patients. Companies are looking for Australian partners, not just to register the product, but to promote it to the specialist doctors and provide "clinical value".   


Drug Shortages have been occurring world-wide and in the Australian market leading to the need for both high quality substitutes and product Integrity to be maintained - this provides a multitude of challenges for the hospitals. 

Products may not be registered in Australia while they maybe registered in countries such as USA, Canada or UK. There maybe a need in our market for these products to treat patients. 

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