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Pro Pharmaceuticals Group - Model and Value



Aiming at reducing the cost of key medicine while improving product design and delivering high quality customer service. 

Pro Pharmaceuticals Group, a specialty pharmaceutical company, focuses on developing and commercialising injectable products primarily in the Australian hospital market.


Pro Pharmaceuticals Group seeks growth by targeting additional products aimed at our existing market segment. We believe this model to be scalable. We are currently filing products with the TGA, and seeking additional products to promote. 


Value to Our Hospital Customers


Launching customer identified products that are high value and low in competition. We can reduce the cost of key medicine. 

Designing products in "forms" that will benefit the doctor or end user. We can improve safety. 


Identifying Orphan Products that are currently not available in Australia and promoting these to specialist doctors. 

Sourcing unlicensed medicine or unregistered medicine on a "name patient basis" through the Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber means. We source either directly from manufacturers or our USA partner company. 


Value to Our Suppliers/Partners

PRO-PG Licensing, Acquisition & Commercialisation provides pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies with a single-point solution for the commercialisation of their products in challenging international markets. With a focus in Australia towards the hospital market, as well as partnership solutions in other regions, Pro Pharm is uniquely suited to maximise value through in-market registration and promotion.


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